True Kindness Network

Greetings, friend!

Hello and welcome to the True Kindness Network, my fanlisting collective. This is where I house the fanlistings that I maintain, as well as where you can find the fanlistings I've joined. Feel free to browse TKN and join a few of my fanlistings. You can also feel free to drop me a line to comment on the current layout, be added to my kimlist or as an affiliate, you can do so by emailing me. Thanks!

Collective Statistics

Webmistress: Veronica
Last Updated: March 14, 2017
Current Fanlistings Owned: 71


14 Mar 2017: I closed the Cerise Hood fanlisting. If you are interested in adopting it, drop me a line and I'll send you the fans list.

14 Jan 2017: I adopted the Domestic Cats fanlisting from Buruma last week. Thanks so much, Buruma! ^_^

02 Sept 2016: The fanlistings for Princess Reina (Lenna) from Final Fantasy V and Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness are now up and running.

28 Aug 2016: The Maria (Final Fantasy II) fanlisting is now up and running. Please join if you are a fan of Maria! ^_^

23 Aug 2016: I was approved for two more fanlistings today. Woot!

22 Aug 2016: The Bagheera (The Jungle Book) fanlisting is up and running as of August 20th. Please join if you are a fan.

31 Jul 2016: I applied for a few more fanlistings and was approved for them. Yay!

10 Jul 2016: I am looking for new homes for the Steve Rogers (Captain America), Helena Bertinelli (Huntress), and Helena Wayne (Huntress) fanlistings. If anyone is interested in adopting them, please email me with proof in form of a link to a site (fanlisting collective, main site, fan site, etc.) that you designed and/or coded yourself. If I don't hear from anyone by the end of September this year I will be submitting closed forms for any of those fanlistings that have not been adopted already.