True Kindness Network

Greetings, friend!

Hello and welcome to the True Kindness Network, my fanlisting collective. This is where I house the fanlistings that I maintain, as well as where you can find the fanlistings I've joined. Feel free to browse TKN and join a few of my fanlistings. You can also feel free to drop me a line to comment on the current layout, be added to my kimlist or as an affiliate, you can do so by emailing me. Thanks!

Collective Statistics

Webmistress: Veronica
Last Updated: July 10, 2016
Current Fanlistings Owned: 67


10 Jul 2016: I am looking for new homes for the Steve Rogers (Captain America), Helena Bertinelli (Huntress), and Helena Wayne (Huntress) fanlistings. If anyone is interested in adopting them, please email me with proof a link to a site (fanlisting collective, main site, fan site, etc.) that you designed and/or coded yourself. If I don't hear from anyone by the end of September this year I will be submitting closed forms for any of those fanlistings that has not been adopted already.